How to block spam bots from your site

Nowadays, many blogger/blogspot and other blogs have problem with the spam bots. You have many visitors from their sites, and if you click on the refferer link, you can get 500 views.

What are they doing? Reffering fake visitors to your site (probably with a traffic bot), and spamming more. You can block them,(check the website:, but if you don't want to edit anything your site, you can get rid of them with some technics!

First of all these spams at the beggining won't hurt your rankings (hope so), but if you have constantly fake traffic from them google will lower your rankings, so. The first of all, never, never click any harmful links. How can you check that, if you have fake traffic from a spam bot? Just copy and paste the harmful link onto google, and check if it a spam bot or not.

Then, never click any link from your site, which reffer a non-known site. Then, it will stop suddenly, after 4-5 day. Just don't click on a link.